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Research supports our efforts in Treatment, Prevention, and Addiction Science.

Our latest research reports include the following:

DNA Strand

November 21, 2023
We published a research report on Can Genetics Predict Opioid Addiction Risk?, whose highlights included:

Following 25 years of extensive research by scientists worldwide, the Genetic Addiction
Risk Score (GARS) has been developed which has been shown to significantly predict
both alcohol and drug dependency risk in persons tested.

Opioid Addiction Science

October 25, 2023
We published a research report on Opioid Addiction Science, whose highlights included:

The science of opioid addiction is a complex field of study that involves understanding the biological, neurological, and psychological aspects of addiction to opioids.

Opioid addiction, often referred to as opioid use disorder (OUD), is characterized by the compulsive use of opioids, despite negative consequences. Here are some key aspects of the science of opioid addiction:

Pills Image

November 3, 2023
We published a research report on Development of Non-Opioid Analgesics for Acute Pain, whose highlights included:

In February 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued draft guidance for the development of non-opioid analgesics for acute pain

Opioid Settlement Funds Being Spent

October 2023 
We published a research report on How Are Opioid Settlement Funds Being Spent, whose highlights included:

According to the $26 billion multijurisdictional settlement in July 2022 with opioid-related companies, states are required to spend at least 85% of the money on “opioid-related programs”.

However, we found that there is a wide interpretation of that standard and little oversight.

i.e. In 2023, some counties spent their opioid settlement money to buy litter pickup trucks and police cars.

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